Erupting Volcano Oven Cleaner

Make Microwave Cleaning a BREEZE!

Do you find cleaning microwave oven a pain? Are stains too stubborn to come off, Get into the steam cleaning using the erupting volcano and deal with oven stains like a BOSS!

Maintain your microwave without the use of harsh chemicals, just the ever dependable and effective steaming.

  • Effortless. Steaming only takes 5 to 8 minutes to get rid of grease and grime inside the microwave. 
  • No Chemicals. A simple concoction of water and vinegar is all that's needed to fill the volcano tank and clean naturally by steam after it heats 2 in minutes.  
  • How It Works. Steam softens hardened food particles and splashes so they are easily wiped off with gentle cleaning rags. 
How to use
  1. Add vinegar to the cleaner to the specified scale
  2. Add water to the cleaner to the specified scale
  3. Put the cleaner in the microwave
  4. The cleaner starts working for 3-5 minutes

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