April 17, 2019

"Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it to experience the better world" - Amit Ray

We're writing this blog to explore the ways of changing the habits we used to live and their effects on ourselves. Basically, developing better habits to experience the better world. We still miss lot of good things in everyday life because our daily routine leaves us with the anxious mood.

Let me explain, what we're getting at. Most of us spend lot of time in our homes. Now, can our home help us to elevate our moods and change our perspective of our experience.

To avoid confusions. Let's start with an example, think of a moment when your friend picks you up for something and as soon as you enter the fragrance of the get you and changes your mood in like split seconds. Question arises, can we make it possible in your home or not.

Below are the few things that we can make our home better. 

Oil Diffusers

Introduce a soothing oil diffuser/humidifier. It will perform 2 jobs altogether. First, create a fragrance as per your mood. I don't think humidifier needs explanation. Setting up the fragrance will immediately fill you up calmness and bliss mood. When the mindset has moved to positiveness, now every work you perform will have joy in it. Even if you're watching TV will change the perspective of the show you watching. You will feel more involved in the show and the moment itself. Please check out the collection of the oil diffuser. It is quite important to choose the oil diffuser to suit your liking and match with the style of your home.



Introduce a light with warm multi-color and adjustable light intensity feature. Let's think of a TV commercial of a baby product. Which shows the car in a white light? As the light changes the message changes subconsciously in our head. The white color is always present. Because white color symbolizes the innocence, purity, safety and cleanliness. Same way the dim warm white can bring your mood to calmness and stillness combined with the fragrance. Will totally amplify the experience of whatever you are doing.

Indoor plant’s

Introduce some indoor plants to help the naturally elevate the energy around the house. The different plant works in different ways. Check more out from our old blog post click here

We created dekora homes to bring a positive change to the middle-class families and individuals. And we believe with knowledge of the human nature and amalgamation of the right products. Dekora homes can bring the positive changes in your lifestyle. 

Please do email us at dekorahomes@gmail.comor comment below. If you want blog on the special product or want some knowledge  about home decorations and effects on the human behaviors. 

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